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What is the best electric razor?

April 15, 2012

Most likely the top electric shaver currently available is actually Phillips Norelco! Seriuosly, Norleco continues to be the very best electric shaver throughout the U. S. for the past 50 years!  Whenever you visit the Amazon website you’ll notice that this particular brand of electric shaver has the highest amount of five star reviews. Although some other companies also provide best rated electric razors not one do such as Norelco with most their electric razors tend to be ranked FOUR stars or more!  What is the best electric razor ?

There’s a reason behind this and this being the caliber of design along with manufacturing of the electric razors. This particular focus on details as well as designing and making their electric razors leads to the highest quality shave anybody might ask for.

Last year my wife purchased a razor from another manufacturer and I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of the shave not to mention the overall design of the product. While the shaver itself was not all that bad it just was not up to the same standards as one would expect from a Phillips Norelco Electric shaver.

Of course the best type of shaver that I think shaves the best for me and my face type is a rotary type shaver. I’ve tried foil shavers in the past and just did not like them all that much.  Phillips Norelco manufactures several rotary style shavers that are second to none in the quality of shave they offer. These shavers are durable, well designed and provide an excellent shave!  My personal suggestion would be to think about seriously the Philips Norelco brand name in your buying selection when it comes to purchasing a brand new electric razor! Drop by Amazon . com today and find out if perhaps these electric razors match your own requirements! Good luck!

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